Online vs high street estate agents

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Why it works

Some folk get nervous using online only Agents. The fact is they've been around for years and have refined their products to satisfy customers all over the UK. To get noticed these days, all Agents now rely more on sales through the web rather than in an old fashioned shop window. Online only Agents however don't have expensive high street branches to run - saving you a small fortune - without compromising on service. It's no secret, consumers now spend less in high street shops than they once did, while online sales continue to increase. If you're thinking of selling your property online for the first time and it feels weird. It's normal; online banking once felt weird too.

Today many online only Agents provide a great service, save you lots of money, and really do provide a smarter way of selling. And our figures show this trend is getting stronger. All you need to do is pick the most suitable Agent so they can advertise your property on the web - which is the biggest shop window of all.


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