Paying your Agent?
Understanding which option best suits you

Meet the Options family...

Commission Payment Fixed Payment Split Payment Pay As You Go Payment
Grandad Dad Mum Junior
Sell Home Commission Payment Sell Home Fixed Payment mrs split the options family Sell Home Pay As You Go
Mr Commission Mr Fixed Mrs Split Miss Pay As You Go
Mr Commission is the oldest of the family, he feels as if he’s been around for years... He likes the old fashioned systems, just like the High Street still use. He only wants to pay when his house is sold. He doesn’t mind if the total price works out more expensive, as long as there is nothing to pay upfront! Mr Fixed is the quiet one, it doesn’t help that he cannot talk...

He is simple and uncomplicated - no surprises for him! He knows what he wants: a low fee to pay in advance, and nothing at the end.
Mrs Split is the indecisive of the family.

She chooses to pay a bit upfront and a bit on completion, since she cannot make her mind up..
Miss Pay As You Go is the latest arrival. She is young, smart and switched on!

She keeps up with the new trends, and she is miles in front of Grandad... She wants freedom and independence, but she is not ready for any commitment. That’s why she chooses to pay monthly. She is more in control, and confident she will sell quickly!
Why choose this payment option? Why choose this payment option? Why choose this payment option? Why choose this payment option?
It’s free to list your property, apart from the extras you select. You pay the Agent once you have the money from your sale. If you don’t sell, you lose nothing financially apart from the extras you have selected.

You will pay a lump sum at the end. The lump sum can be either a fixed amount or percentage of the final agreed selling price. You have no risk at the start, but this means you might end up paying quite heavily at the end.

It’s a big mistake to expect any Agent to be the sole driving force when selling your property. Often this option fails because sellers have no financial outlay so become lazy making little effort on presentation and set their selling price too high.
Regardless if you sell, you pay a one-off fixed amount at the start. The listing cost doesn’t change, even if you list your house for 1 million, so it’s a great way to control your budget. You are more motivated to sell, because you don’t want to lose your initial payment. A motivated seller is always more successful.

If you fail to sell, you lose all of your payment. Make sure you are motivated! This includes family members and naturally, your Agent.
You put your eggs in two baskets... you don’t sell you only lose the first part of the payment.

Indecision can be a real pain, but only if you let it dominate. Remove it by preparing well, and turn this Con into a Pro. Do it through good presentation, setting the selling price accurately, and there should be no reason to be indecisive any more.
You only pay for what you use, and can stop payment at any time. This is a great option if your house is ready to sell, priced accurately, and well presented. Great for confident sellers and property developers but you MUST have a strategy!

This option is all about confidently understanding your buyer. Done well, and you can save, save, save! After accepting an offer, you may be tempted to withdraw your listing to save further monthly payments while Solicitors finalise - and this is acceptable. However, your strategy must include the possibility of your buyer pulling-out before completion, leaving you to extend your listing until a buyer is found. This may escalate your costs.

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